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         JackCin Tax, Inc. was incorporated on November 29, 2010 by Tracey Nestorowycz Timmons, and Cincera Fischer. It is owned (and operated) by John F. (Jack) Wallenhorst, Cincera Fischer and Tracey Nestorowycz Timmons. The name is a combination of two of the owners names, and was suggested by the third owner. We opened our doors on January 3, 2011. As you might infer from our name, JackCin Tax, Inc. is in the business of providing tax preparation and associated services.

          JackCin Tax, Inc. was born out of frustration with our inability to handle issues for our clients both during the tax season (Jan – April) and the “off season” (May – December). We all worked for a large national tax franchise where the emphasis is on preparing and filing personal income tax returns. We found that we were actually prevented from providing other services that our clients needed and off season support if there were issues.

          At JackCin Tax, Inc., we now have the flexibility to tailor our services to our clients’ individual needs, such as handling IRS/State notices and/or Audits, any time of the year, and completing tax filings for our clients who need extensions of time to file their returns. We feel that as owners, we are able to provide more comprehensive services at lower costs to our clients.

          Our mission is to make every client confident that their taxes have been filed correctly and that if any issue arises, it will be handled quickly, competently and courteously; and assistance is available with tax strategies to plan for major life events. For example we have advised clients regarding record keeping and bookkeeping requirements for small businesses, counseled clients regarding tax matters at the time of bereavement and supported our clients by supplying them with referrals to information sources to obtain mortgages, loans, property tax exemptions and retirement accounts.

Why us?

  • We're a Greece business and we live in Greece.
  • We're a Full Service Tax Preparation office.
  • We have 45 years of combined experience.
  • Dependant's returns are free with a parents' paid return.
  • We'll still be here to help you when the big boxes close for the season.
  • Our prices are less than the National Chains.